Nutritional Consultant, Life Guide, Author and Lecturer, Michael Schwartz offers a practical way to enjoy an aware, peaceful and healthy life based on the Universal Teachings through his books, blog, videos, podcasts and personal appearances.


Fighting and Avoiding Cancer

Michael Schwartz's lecture on Fighting and Avoiding Cancer.

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Michael Schwartz has an interesting and extensive background in naturopathic healing, theology and metaphysics. He was schooled in the workings of the mind at a level not generally understood by many as it relates to the creation of one's own personal material reality. With the understandings of the Universal Teachings in hand, Michael was able to change the course of his life.

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In this insightful book, author Michael Schwartz shows us how to find symbolic meaning in our physical experiences, and gives the readers invaluable nutritional advice. The tapestry of Universal Principles ties it all together and offers opportunities for personal growth for anyone who picks up this fascinating guide. - Dr. Holly Lucille N.D., R.N. Michael's new book is a guaranteed mind-expanding journey. The reader will surely be challenged to look at their beliefs. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented, this book will aid you in your own life. - Michael & Nora Wohlfeld Now I see illness in a new way. A disease never has just one cause; there are always layers of causes that range from nutritional deficiencies to mental and emotional states of mind. Michael, through his teaching on symbology, helps you to identify and connect these layers. And at that point, everything becomes obvious. Thanks, Michael, for helping me to expand my mind. What a workout! - Todd Scarborough, four-time Mr. Arkansas I have suffered from horrible sinus infections and head colds for years. "Health and Disease Symbology Handbook" changed my life. After reading only one chapter, I made a simple change in my daily routine and got immediate results! I am now free of sinus and head congestion issues. This book is a constant resource for me and my family. Thank you, Michael! - Joel M. Being a reiki practitioner I am aware that the energy centers of the body hold certain aspects and characteristics that once perceived can readily tell you what kind of stress is going on in the person's life. However, the subject of the physical areas having meaning has escaped my studies from the two recent years. Thank you for opening my mind and for introducing a new method of healing to me. From your lecture I became aware that reading into the physical clues and the symbology of that area is just as important as intuitively perceiving and manipulating energy if one is to restore balance thoroughly. - Adam H., Student of Alternative Medicine